Peace Education Programme

In the framework of the new educational programme
”Contemporary tendencies of critical thought”

CCE presents, for the first time in Montenegro, the world-renowned


This programme of weekly, hour-long workshops, lasts for 10 consecutive weeks. It is created by The Prem Rawat Foundation, with the purpose of helping participants discover inner resources, recognize their innate value, develop positive life skills and explore the possibility of personal peace.

The programme will be facilitated by Local PEP Manager, Mrs Caroline Jovićević and the workshops will be held in the CCE premises, every Thursday at 5:30 p.m, starting on 17th April, 2014. The programme is conducted in Montenegrin and English and is offered free of charge.

In order to apply, send your biography (CV) and motivation letter to the e-mail address, no later than 14 April, 2014, with the subject, “For Peace Education Programme.”

Due to the limited number of participants, please respect the application deadlines.

For more information on the Peace Education Programme (PEP) please visit: