What has Prosecution done with SAI’s reports?

The appeal of the five NGO’s to the State Prosecutor’s Office to inform the public about the actions that have been undertaken regarding the reports that the SAI has officially submitted to the State Prosecutor’s Office In eight cases, The State Audit Institution (SAI) has submitted particularly worrying audit reports to the State Prosecutor’s Office.… »

Non-selective approach in recognition of diplomas

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) welcomed the decisiveness of Ministry of Education regarding the prevention of recognition of foreign educational certificates or the validation of diplomas from higher education institutions that are not accredited and licensed in countries where those higher education institutions perform their activities, and thus issue invalid diplomas. CCE believes that all… »

Prosecution lacks the track record, as well as the accountability

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) points out on constant lack of track record when it comes to the work of Prosecution, as well as on the fact that no measures are being undertaken in order to determine the accountability of prosecutors within the Prosecution, which limits the process of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of… »

Addressing of Centre for Civic Education (CCE) and Human Rights Action (HRA) to Ivica Stankovic regarding the election of Main Special Prosecutor

Supreme State Prosecution Mr. Ivica Stanković, Supreme State Prosecutor Podgorica, 8 June 2015 Case: Information in relation to candidate for Chief Special Prosecutor Dear Mr Stanković, In light of the on-going procedure of the election of Chief Special Prosecutor, NGOs Human Rights Action (HRA) and Centre for Civic Education (CCE) feel obliged to inform You… »

Open letter of Initiative for RECOM to Pope Francis

Pope Francis Casa Santa Marta 00120 CittàdelVaticano Your Holiness, Pope Francis, We are writing to you in the name of the 2,050 members of RECOM, the Regional Commission for the establishment of facts about war crimes and other serious human rights violations committed in the former Yugoslavia from January 1, 1991, until December 31, 2001.… »