It is in the public interest for Chief Special Prosecutor to be without the burden of any suspicion

Human Rights Action (HRA) and Centre for Civic Education (CCE) have nothing personal against judge Milivoje Katnić, on the contrary, but it is a matter of principle to investigate the claim that he participated in war crimes having in mind that in the case of his election for Chief Special Prosecutor he could become in charge for the prosecution of these same crimes.

Chief Special Prosecutor finally has to secure a proactive investigation and prosecution of war crimes, including the ones from Dubrovnik battlefield, thus it is necessary to appoint a person who is willing to perform that duty in an professional and unbiased manner. Hence, it is in the public interest to investigate accusations in relation to judge Katnić, so that he could perform his job without any burden of suspicions, in case he is elected for that position.

It is a pity that State Prosecution failed to investigate those accusations since 2011 up to date, even though the accusations were stated in the presence of state prosecutor Lidija Vukčević.

Katnić, as a professional judge, should be able to consider circumstances objectively, due to which we addressed Supreme State Prosecutor:

– On public scene he was accused of participating in crimes in the vicinity of Dubrovnik, while, in his own words, he performed “civil authority” as a military officer in Cavtat after the conquest;
– For undisputed robbery of great proportions and demolition of property in the vicinity of Dubrovnik, unfortunately none has been accused up to date in Montenegro. We remember the photos of enthusiastic members of Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA) on the rubble of family house of Tereza Kesovija, which depict vividly those facts and humiliating ambient on battlefield. Even though the state partially assumed the responsibility for robbery of livestock and equipment from airport, personal responsibility for that has still not been determined.

HRA and CCE believe that it is important to hear personal opinion of judge Katnić on this matter, because he performed professional duty in that area.

HRA and CCE informed State Supreme Prosecutor of the arrival of Metodije Prkačin in Podgorica and enabled contact with him, with the expectation that the ones competent in State Prosecution will listen and investigate the merits of his claims.

Tea Gorjanc Prelević, executive director, Human Rights Action (HRA)
Daliborka Uljarević, executive director, Centre for Civic Education (CCE)