Human rights in the focus of high school students

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) organised the main part of teaching programme of XXII Generation of Human Rights School, from 11 to 13 February in Miločer, with the support of Canadian Embassy, through the project “Different but Equal”.

XXII generation of Human Rights School was attended by 27 high school students from 17 Montenegrin municipalities and urban municipalities: Podgorica, Bar, Cetinje, Nikšić, Pljevlja, Plav, Rožaje, Gusinje, Bijelo Polje, Plužine, Tivat, Kotor, Herceg Novi, Ulcinj, Spuž, Žabljak and Tuzi.


Four-day long intensive programme consists of 20 sessions in form of lectures, workshops, movie screenings, work in groups, and etc. through which the participants obtain the knowledge on the concept of human rights, starting from the history of idea, through the development of human rights over the course of its generations, legislative and institutional framework, to special review on issues of discrimination, marginalised groups, multiculturalism and tolerance in Montenegro, but also on contemporary challenges which young people face, such as nonviolent communication. In addition, high school students learned on the modalities of youth work and activism, and had the chance to create actions that will be conducted in local communities and schools with the mentor support of project team.

Lecturers on XXII generation of Human Rights School were Sergej Sekulović, Executive Director of the Centre for Civic Freedoms, Danijel Kalezić, President of MB of Montenegrin LGBTIQ Association “Queer Montenegro”, Dragoljub Duško Vuković, Journalist and founder of PCNEN, Andrija Đukanović, Programme coordinator of Roma Education Fund, Milan Šaranović, General Director of NGO Ekvista and founder of Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro (UMHCG), Maja Raičević, Executive Director of Women’s Rights Center, Milka Tadić Mijović, Director of weekly «Monitor», Tamara Milić, psychologist, Saša Mijović, executive director of the NGO 4 Life, Petar Đukanović, programme coordinator at the CCE, Miloš Knežević, coordinator of CCE Youth group and Tamara Milaš, Programme associate at CCE and spokesperson of Coalition for RECOM in Montenegro.

In addition to broad theoretic and practical knowledge on the concept of human rights, Human Rights School affirms the culture of human rights, by inspiring and motivating young people to advocate their rights, as well as the rights of those who cannot do so for themselves and empowers to have a more direct impact on the society in future.

Svetlana Pešić, programme associate