Filip Kovačević PhD spoke on “American Presidential Elections: Already seen, or Something new?”

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) tonight hosted the lecture of Filip Kovačević PhD, on: “American presidential elections: already seen, or something new?”

Filip Kovačević PhD analysed the relation of powers on the American political scene with regard to presidential elections scheduled for November. He presented the main components of Democrats’ campaign, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and of the Republicans, Donald Trump. He particularly reviewed on economic and social factors which motivate the affiliation of American voters. He estimated that the situation in the US is concerning politically-wise, due to the presence of serious structural economic issues and the unwillingness of ruling political elite to address those issues in an adequate manner.


The lecture was followed with discussion, attended by 20 interested citizens, with the aim of better familiarisation with one of the most current events on international political scene, which will have a significant international impact in the upcoming period.

Filip Kovačević PhD is an associate professor at the University of Montenegro and a guest professor at the University of San Francisco. So far, CCE has organised a host of lectures within its sub-programme Contemporary tendencies in critical thought, which were managed precisely by Filip Kovačević PhD.


Svetlana Pešić, programme associate