II CALL for 10 interns

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), Institute Alternative (IA) and portal Vijesti, within the project ACTIVE STUDENTS FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT! announce the

for 10 interns

The selected students will go through training programme and practical education comprised of:

– study visits to organisations and enterprises which are an integral part of the project;
– workshops on independent media reporting and basics of public policies;
– professional mentorship and practice at Institute Alternative and portal Vijesti for the duration of one month.

Interns are expected to be regular and to take active participation in all activities.


Results of practical work will be series of articles, reports and documents related to public policies, which will provide a solid basis for students of Faculty of Political Sciences of University of Montenegro for their future professional advancement and smooth adaptation to labour market requirements.

All the activities with the interns will be conducted starting from the summer semester – February 2017

Programme is opened for students of third and fourth year of study programmes Political sciences and Journalism from the Faculty of Political Sciences.

Interested candidates can submit their applications with short CV and cover letter no later than 20th January 2017 by 20h on e-mail info@cgo-cce.org with subject “Active students for sustainable development!”. For additional information please call 020/228 479 on working days from 08 to 16h.

Project „Active students for sustainable development“ is financed by the European Union through the Directorate for finance and contracting of the EU assistance funds (CFCU) of Ministry of Finance, within the programme „Transfer of knowledge between the sector of higher education, science and industry”. Specific project objective is to improve the competencies of students from the departments of Journalism and Political Sciences through the transfer of knowledge within the scientific institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises with the aim of building closer linkages between the aforementioned sectors, for the benefit of students who require a practical form of education.

To better professional engagement through practice, training and plan!