Diverse film and side programme at fourth day of FAST FORWARD festival 2019, with opening of FAST FORWARD 2019 in Kotor

X FAST FORWARD Human Rights Film Festival Montenegro 2019 is entering its fourth day today and the audience in Podgorica will have the opportunity to see five screenings, while the sixth edition of the FAST FORWARD Festival will be opened in Kotor.

On the fourth day of the FAST FORWARD Festival, as part of the FAST FORWARD Gender Equality! festival programme at the Scene Studio within the Montenegrin National Theatre, the focus is on films that address women’s rights and women in different professions and situations who are fighting for their place in a world of gender separated roles. This part of the FAST FORWARD 2019 Festival programme is supported by the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights through the project “Let’s accelerate gender equality”.

The first screening begins with the premiere of Golda, at 5:00 pm. It is the eventful story of Golda Meir’s term as Prime Minister of Israel – from the surprising rise to power and iconic international stature as ‘queen of the Jewish people’ to her tragic and lonely demise.

In 6:30 pm there is a documentary, biography movie that does not stop to take on the board audiences and critics across the world  – RBG. It brings powerful and inspiring story about the life and struggle of a U.S. Supreme Court judge, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who left behind an extensive and valuable legal heritage and unexpectedly became an icon of pop culture.

At 8:15 pm there is screening of Between Us and the Sky by Vasilis Kekatos, which comes from Cannes with the Golden Palm for the best short film. This nine-minute film was also awarded as the Best Short Greek Film, and it also carries the Best Director Award.

From 8:25 pm Daily Releasewill be screened. This is the graduation work of the extremely talented Martin Winter, who does not leave indifferent audiences at festivals around the world. It is a short film about a single mother who gets a day’s release from prison and finds her three-year-old son, who lives with her unstable mother, in a very bad situation. Forced to provide him with a better future, she simultaneously struggles with time that is not working in her favour because she has to return to prison by six o’clock.

The latest documentary by award-winning German director Werner Herzog – Meeting Gorbachev is the last screening of this festival day, which starts at 9:00 pm. This is a biographical film that traces the key stages of the political and personal career of one of the most significant figures from the end of the last century.

The Kotor edition of the FAST FORWARD 2019 Festival begins today with the morning screening of Edna by Macedonian director Vuk Mitevski, at the Kotor Gymnasium and an accompanying discussion with Maja Raičević, Executive director of the Women’s Rights Centre and professor Lidija Begovic, as part of the FAST FORWARD Gender Equality! The official opening of the FAST FORWARD Festival 2019 in Kotor is at 9:00 pm, at the cinema “Boka”, with the screening of Diary of Diana Budisavljević, directed by Dana Budisavljević. The screening of the film is followed by Q&A featuring Silvestar Mileta, film critic and historian who worked on the film “Diary of Diana Budisavljević” and Miloš Vukanović, historian and adviser at the CCE.

Finally, on the fourth festival day, as part of the FAST FORWARD 2019 Festival, at 12:00, at La Cultura Club, CCE and the forum ZfD  are organizing panel discussion Film Deals with the Past, which will reflect on film and its role in building of remembrance culture, facing with past and creating relationships with one’s own history on sensitive and controversial topics. The panellists will be Nataša Govedarica, dramatist and programme director of forum ZfD in Belgrade, Silvestar Mileta, film critic and historian, Ivan Marinović, director and Balša Brković, writer and columnist, moderated by Miloš Vukanović, historian and adviser at the CCE.

The FAST FORWARD 2019 Festival is organized with the support of the Ministry of Culture, the German Forum ZfD, the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights, followed by media support from RTCG, Vijesti, Radio Berane, Radio Kotor and CdM portal, and in partnership with the Montenegrin National Theatre, the municipalities of Kotor and Berane, BELDOCS, Sarajevo Film Festival, the Montenegrin Cinematheque, “Panto Mališić” and “Kotor” gymnasiyms, Berane Culture Centre and the International Network of Human Rights Festivals. Corporate responsibility for supporting the FAST FORWARD 2019 Festival was also expressed by the Post of Montenegro, CentreVille, Metropolis, Studio Mouse, PG Taxi and Compania DeVinos Montenegro.

Vasilije Radulović, Project Assistant