Human Rights School – XXV generation

Centre for Civic Education (CCE)
announces CALL for participants of XXV generation of

– school for studying human rights from theory to practice –

If you are a high-school pupil, wishing to learn about human rights, socialising with peers, widening and exchanging experiences with other young people motivated to actively engage in resolving problems which society is facing, if you assess that you do not have enough information and you wish to acquire knowledge and develop skills of active participation in advocating and promoting human rights in your school and the community you live in, then the Human Rights School is a right place and opportunity for you!

The objective of the Human Rights School is to provide participants with knowledge about the concept of human rights, starting from the history of the idea of human rights, development of human rights through generations, the culture of human rights, principles of democracy, tolerance, solidarity, non-violent communication, legislative framework and institutional mechanisms that are available to citizens as means of protection of human rights and protection against discrimination with a focus on marginalised LGBTI community, through intensive several days long programme – lectures, workshops, forum theatre, film screenings.

Besides the wide scope of theoretic and practical knowledge about the concept of human rights, the School is affirming the culture of human rights, inspiring and motivating young people to stand for their rights, but also for the rights of those who cannot to do so themselves and it is encouraging them to have a more direct influence in the society in the future.

Who can apply for the Human Rights School?

Regular pupils of high-schools from the territory of entire Montenegro.

How to apply for the Human Rights School?

By filling the application and sending it to the e-mail, with the subject ‘For Human Rights School, XXV generation’.

The deadline for applying is 18 September 2020.

The School is free of charge for selected participants, which means that expenses of travel, food, accommodation, organisation of lectures and other activities related to the programme are covered by the CCE, with the support of the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights of Montenegro. Detail information about the programme of the School will be sent to candidates who are invited to the School upon the selection process, as per evaluation of applications.

Note: during organisation of the programme of Human Rights School, considering the situation of increased health risk due to COVID19 pandemic, CCE will be guided by measures of the National Coordination Body (NCB), and the same is expected from all participants.

Should you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us on or via telephone number 020 228 479, as well as via our social networks.