The Regional Youth Employability Skills Portfolio

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Contributors: Jelena Batelic, Elizabeta Cvetkovska, Amila Dedic, Aleksandra Djurovic, Bojana Jevtovic, Mila Josifovska, Milos Knezevic, Irida Nasufi, Svetlana Pesic, Irena Topalli

Publishing year: 2017

It has been recognized that high percentage of youth in the Western Balkans (WB) is unemployed and lacks necessary knowledge and skills needed in the labour market. Even though there is strong evidence that there are multiple positive effects of non-formal education on increasing skills which boost employability of young people, this issue has not received enough attention on the regional level.

The Regional Youth Employability Skills Portfolio summarizes results of the analysis in WB countries on key skills needed for successful adaptation of young people to the labour market as well as methods for their development through programmes of youth organizations and organizations working with young people.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.