Parliamentary elections in Montenegro 2020 – Election programmes of parties and coalitions

About publication

Editor: Miloš Vukanović

Publishing year: 2020.

Work on the creation, preservation and development of political memory is one of the key aspects of documenting and later analysing electoral processes in a society, and thus the course of democratic development. Leaving a documentary trace of the key elements of the election, i.e. the essence of the democratically elected government, creates a foundation for monitoring the development of political parties and political culture, and consequently the political development of society.

the publication ‘Parliamentary elections in Montenegro – 2020 Election programmes of parties and coalitions’ presents review of the election programmes of each 11 electoral lists that competed in the last parliamentary elections held on 30 August 2020. Compared to the previous period, the difference is reflected in the evident progress of the majority of electoral actors when it comes to shaping electoral programmes, with the indication that this is still an area to which political parties, as well as voters, do not give appropriate weight. Also, the publication contains election slogans, detailed electoral lists, graphic presentation of gender representation of the electoral lists, election results, as well as graphic presentation of gender representation within the Parliament of Montenegro after the election of the Government of Montenegro.

This publication was supported by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.