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Autors: Maja Marinović, Damir Suljević, Damir Nikočević

Publishing year: 2023.

The labyrinth of socio-political circumstances in Montenegro represents a particular burden in the gap between citizens of different ideological orientations, as well as their political representatives. This gap has existed for a long time, both during the last three decades in which the educational system was neglected, and the period following the change of the decades-long government. Today, the results are evident in various narratives of radicalized individuals, and it is especially worrying that we can identify it among young people as well. The neglect in strengthening civic education, followed by the marginalized position of media literacy in the formal education system, has contributed to the rapid increase in violent online communication in which almost no one is spared. Unfortunately, in this flame of intolerance and often hatred, the most common victims are minority groups, the LGBT population, and civic activists who consistently warn of social anomalies. Along with the absence of arguments, there’s a noticeable rise in misogynistic and vulgar comments on social media. In these deeply chauvinistic narratives, there is no room for diversity, particularly undervaluing the role of women, making them frequent targets.

The publication is part of the project “Stand up against discrimination, hate speech, misogyny and other forms of digital violence!“, implemented by CCE with the support of the Embassy of Canada.