Trial of Batrićević to be in a courtroom large enough to accommodate all interested parties

Fifteen non-governmental organizations addressed the President of the Court for Misdemeanours in Podgorica, Nada Bjeković, with the request for the trial of Professor Dr. Boban Batrićević to be hel in a space that can accommodate a large number of people due to the significant public interest and importance of this case.

Integral letter:


Nada Bjeković, President

Dear Ms. Bjeković,

We are writing to you regarding the trial of Boban Batrićević, scheduled for 22 January 2024 at 9 a.m. in the Misdemeanour Court.

As the representatives of the civil sector and as public participants in society who promote human rights, freedom of speech, democracy and transparency, we ask that the trial of Mr. Batrićević be held in a space that can accommodate a large number of individuals interested in the proceedings.

We are confident that you are aware that the case of Prof. Dr. Boban Batrićević has sparked significant interest of the Montenegrin and broader public, and we believe that our request is justified and in accordance with the constitutional right to a public trial, especially considering that a large number of interested organizations, individuals and diplomatic representatives have already expressed their desire to attend the trial Mr. Batrićević.

In the hope that you will grant this request, we are warmly great you.

Montenegrin PEN Centre
NGO Montenegrin Philological Society
NGO Centre for Training and Education of Montenegro
Association SPECTRA
Centre for Civic Education (CCE/CGO)
Centre for Women’s Rights
Human Rights Action (HRA)
ERA – Alliance for equal rights of LGBTI persons in the Western Balkans and in Turkey
Centre for the Development of Non-Governmental Organizations (CRNVO)
Montenegrin LGBTIQ association Queer Montenegro
NGO Juventas
Centre for Monitoring and Research (CeMI)
NGO Link
Montenegrin Women’s Lobby
Centre for Women’s and Peace Education ANIMA