Ivana Matanović, Project Assistant

Ivana Matanović completed her undergraduate studies in Social Policy and Social Work at the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Montenegro, where she is currently pursuing her master’s degree. She successfully completed capacity-building programme for youth within CCE’s YouthJobLink project – connecting youth and social enterprises, supported by the Directorate for Finance and Contracting of EU Assistance Funds (CFCU) of the Ministry of Finance of the Government of Montenegro. She has also completed the Transitional Justice School, organized by the CCE with the support of the UNDP programme and the European Union. She is interested in gender equality issues, which reflects her participation in activities organized by the Women’s Rights Centre (WRC), such as the March 8th marches – Attention! Femicide! (2022) and Resistance to Force and Injustice (2023), as well as in the Small School of Patriarchy Violations. Furthermore, she attended the Regional Workshop on Women’s Participation in Political Life, organized by the Center for the Development of Non-Governmental Organizations (CRNVO), and the multi-month programme Activist Masterclass, organized by the Spectrum Association. She completed the basic course in media literacy Explore-Indicate, organized by the Digital Forensic Center (DFC), and the seminar Where Does Freedom of Expression End and Hate Speech Begin? organized by the Human Rights Action (HRA). Within the Institute for Social Innovation Foundation, she had the opportunity to participate in two programmes – Breaking stereotypes against persons with disabilities and Better Together. Also, she followed panel discussions in the field of confronting the past. Fluent in English, with knowledge of German language.