Snežana Kaluđerović, Senior Legal Advisor

Snežana Kaluđerović  graduated from the Law Faculty of the University of Montenegro. She completed a professional exam for work in state authorities. Since 2009 she is employed in the Centre for Civic Education (CCE), first as an associate, later as legal advisor, programme coordinator and senior legal advisor. She successfully passed training for creditors within the bankruptcy process organised by U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), training for trainers of election procedures organized by Centre for Monitoring (CeMI) and training in writing and managing of EU funded projects. Also, she finished School for Regional Policy Development – Public Policy for Equal Opportunities in organisation of  Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, then European Integration School, organized by the CCE, CDNGO and EMinMNE, with the support of FOSI ROM, and previously Oratory School at the Law Faculty, during which she took part in numerous competitions in the country and abroad, where she won individual and group awards. During the studies, she was working as a project assistant at the OSCE project related to trial monitoring. After graduation, she was engaged as programme associate within the Union of Employers of Montenegro. She did her internship and got additional experience in Basic Court in Podgorica, where she worked for four years. She was a member of the Council for Development of NGOs. Moreover, she was member of working groups for drafting of Strategy of Development of Higher Education, Strategy for Support of Talented Pupils and a set of rulebooks (Rulebook on Content and Form of Europass documents and manner of their filling; Rulebook on Closer Manner and Procedure of Recognition of Foreign Certificates; Rulebook on Manner of Examination of Knowledge, Skills and Competences in the Procedure of Acquiring National Professional Qualification and content, manner of work and other issues of importance for work of Commission; Rulebook on Closer Manner and Procedure of Issuance of License for Work of Examiners and content of license of work of examiners; Rulebook on Form and Content of Certificates; Rulebook on Content, Manner and Procedure of Records-Keeping in the Procedure of Acquiring National Professional Qualification or Recognition of Foreign Certificate as well as registry content) within the Ministry of Education as well as the Working group for development of Draft Law on Prevention of Corruption within the Ministry of Justice. She is a member of redactions and editorial boards of several publications. She is  co-author of publications Financial Alchemy of the University of Montenegro – an Insight into the Financing of the UoM from 2015 to 2019; Human Rights in Montenegro 2010 and 2011What are we negotiating about and what do negotiations with the EU bring usJudiciary and Court of PublicEquality – legislation and reality in MontenegroThree years of violation of the Constitution – who is responsible?The Role of Inspections in the fight against corruptionFacts and Prejudices – Financing of NGOs and Political Parties in Montenegro from Public Funds and Are Free Textbooks Truly Free?. She speaks the English language.