Željka Ćetković, Active Citizenship Programme Coordinator

 Željka Ćetković, Active Citizenship Programme Coordinator Željka Ćetković completed her master’s degree at the Department of International Relations at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Montenegro, where she previously specialized in International Relations and acquired Bachelor’s degree. She has completed the Democracy School in the organisation of the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) and Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES), the Regional School for Democracy organized by FES, the Centre for International Relations from Banja Luka and the Centre for International Studies, from Zagreb, the summer school Week of Social Democracy 2012, as well as the summer school for trainers Week of Social Democracy 2014, organized by the FES and the Centre for Study of Social Democracy. Additionally, she completed the School of Rhetoric in the Cultural Informaton Centre ‘Budo Tomović’, wherein she has been working as assistant to lecturer – professor Radovan Radonjić, PhD. She is alumna of the Balkans Let’s Get Up! through which she attended series of seminars on the topic of democracy and conducted her own project inspired by the previously completed School of Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the organisation of the Centre for Anti-discrimination – EQUISTA. As a participant of Progressive Leadership Programme of the FES, she has deepened her knowledge in youth policies regarding employment, education, social trust and distances, political and social engagement of the youth. She has also undergone a series of trainings of writing the report on implementation of the National Action Plan for Youth, youth campaigns, citizens’ participation at the local level, diverse aspects of the process of accession of Montenegro to the EU and she was in the study visit to Germany, in the organization of FES. She is a representative of the CCE in the Coalition “Together for LGBT Rights” and a member of the Organizing Committee of Montenegro Pride in 2020. She was a volunteer at the CCE and in the PRONI office for social education of young people in Ulcinj. Also, she was a scholar of municipality Ulcinj during the academic year 2010/2011. She is a member of redactions and editorial boards of several publications. She is a co-author of publications: The role of inspections in the fight against corruption; Facts and prejudices – financing of non-governmental organisations and political parties from public funds; SPINoFACT 2 – Political Advertising between Spin and Facts (presidential elections 2018) and SPINoFACT 3 – Political Advertising between Spin and Facts (local elections Podgorica 2018) and she has cooperated on a series of publications and studies: The impact of political corruption on decision-making process at the local level; The role of municipal assembly in fight against corruption; Local self-governments in Montenegro in fight against corruption; Urban planning in Montenegro: construction and payoffs? and NO to discrimination, YES to differences – Guidelines for media reporting on LGBTIQ community. Fluent in English, with basic knowledge of German and French language.