Centre for Civic Education (CCE) offers an unpaid internship programme tailored to meet the needs of both Montenegrin and international students or young individuals seeking to acquire new knowledge and skills within CCE’s three main programmes: Democratization and Europeanization, Human Rights, and Active Citizenship.

In line with our commitment to excellence, CCE has served as a foundation for the professional development of approximately 40 individuals across 12 generations of interns from Montenegro. An additional 40 interns, also through the Government Program for Professional Development in which we have been participating since its inception, have had the opportunity to enhance their practical skills with us, gaining new perspectives.

Former interns, now successful professionals, are building their careers in various fields, including non-governmental organizations, international and intergovernmental organizations, media, academia, diplomacy, different government ministries, the Parliament, independent institutions, the business sector, etc. Many of them hold high positions and attribute part of their success to the valuable formative experience gained at CCE. Furthermore, many maintain ongoing communication and, in some cases, long-term programme cooperation with the CCE.

Additionally, CCE provides internship opportunities for international students, with around 10 of them having successfully completed programmes ranging from two to six months, significantly contributing to the cultural diversity and broader perspective of our initiatives.

If you are interested in being part of our internship programme, undergoing a transformative and intellectual experience, we invite you to apply during our open calls or contact us at