European Information Centre

Advancing towards the EU: Montenegro’s Journey and Regional Integrationpanel discussion, Podgorica, 28 May 2024

Time to Move On – 20 years of Thessaloniki Summit, international conference, Podgorica, 25 October 2023

Regional initiatives in the Western Balkans – Chances and Pitfalls?international conference, Podgorica, 25 October 2022

Different paths – shared values, panel discussion, Podgorica, 25 May 2021

Speed and (or) quality of negotiations?, debate, 8 November 2019

Montenegro, Western Balkans and European Union: Accession within reach?, roundtable and debate, 23 March 2018

Will Berlin plus change enlargement policy of the European Union?, roundtable, Podgorica, 23 October 2017

First five years of Montenegrin negotiations with the EU, conference, Podgorica, 29/06/2017

Montenegro’s dream of a different Europe, public agora, 13 June 2017

Western Balkans Reflection Forum – from Berlin to Trieste and the way ahead, Reflection Forum, 2 February 2017

Working groups for the preparation and conduct of negotiations with the EU – importance, role and position of members, presentation of the analyses, Podgorica, 31 May 2016

European Framework of Key Competencies for Lifelong Learning – importance and challenges of education of young people for the entrepreneurial culture in Montenegro, panel discussion, 25 March 2016

EU programmes – a new area of Educational and Developmental Opportunities for Young People, panel discussion, 20 January 2016

New Initiatives for Stability and Prosperity in the Western Balkans, panel discussion, Podgorica, 29 September 2015

Role and significance of media in the EU accession process – lessons learned and regional experiences, international conference, Podgorica, 15. 05. 2015.

Training for journalists/editors of Vijesti portal on developing mechanisms and techniques for reporting about EU and the Montenegrin negotiation process with the EU, March 2015, Podgorica

Intergenerational learning for European Active Citizenship, workshop, 25 June 2014

Draft Strategy for informing public on EU and preparations of Montenegro for the membership 2014-2018, round table, 17 March 2014

Intergenerational learning for European Active Citizenship, national seminar, 25 February 2014

Signinig of Memorandum of cooperation – RTCG, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Ministry of Education, Centre for Civic Education (CCE) and Centre for Development of NGOs (CDNGOs) – for the implementation of project “Getting ready for Europe”, 5 February 2014

The processes of Croatia’s accession to the EU – what lessons can Montenegro learn?, panel discussion and screening of documentary Twilight of Heroes – Croatia, Europe and the International Tribunal, (ESI), 2.October 2013

The Western Balkans at Crossroads: the challenge of European integration in times of crisis, international conference, 13 May 2013

How does European Parliament assess Montenegro in the accession process to the EU?, 2 April, 2012

National conference on progress in fulfilment of EC recommendations: Montenegro on the way to the EU – where do we stand?, 3 October 2011

The end of depression – can the new government use the momentum of returning optimism?, panel discussion, 3 February 2011

Monitoring of Visa Facilitation Agreement, press conference, 10 June 2008

Monitoring of Visa Facilitation Agreement, training of volunteers, April 2008

Montenegro on the way to the EU: progress and challenges, panel discussion, 16 November 2007

Study visit to the institutions of the European Union, 17 – 21 Septembar, 2006

Training on project management and monitoring and evaluation for the employees of the Ministry of European Integration and Foreign Economic relations, April – May 2005

European integration – different aspects and our path, seminar, 25 – 27 June, 2004