Political Memory

Monitoring of 2022 local elections in Montenegro from the gender perspective, Podgorica, 29 November 2022

Democracy at the Turning Point – Influence of Populism on Youth, Podgorica, 06/07/2018

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Europeanization of election manifestos in Montenegro – to which extent political parties acknowledge European policies?, Podgorica, 11/10/2016

Facts and prejudices – financing of NGOs and political parties from public funds, Podgorica, 19/02/2016

25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall – which walls are still standing in Europe and Montenegro?, Podgorica, 2014

Elections and election programmes 2012: content or form – are the election promises respected?, Podgorica, 2014

Elections and election programmes 2012: content or form?, Podgorica, 2012

20 years from the fall of Berlin Wall – Europe, Balkans, Montenegro today?, Podgorica, 2009

Parliamentary Elections 2009: contribution to the development of political memory in Montenegro, Podgorica, 2009

1968 – 40 years after: and where is Montenegro?, Podgorica, 2008.

Populism and Political Memory as challenges on the road to the EU, Podgorica, 2008