Youth Activism

Youth and Media Literacy, Podgorica, 10 June 2022

Youth in the Western Balkans – (self)excluded, regional conference, Podgorica, 19 May 2022

Activate me!, conference, Podgorica, 7 October 2019

What can politics and society do for young people in Montenegro?, conference, Podgorica, 10 May 2019

Youth in Montenegro – Social Decor or Social Potential?, presentation of the research, Podgorica, 31 October 2016

Workshop on the role of student parliaments and volunteer clubs in the prevention of peer violence in High School “25 May” in Tuzi, 13 May, 2016

Workshop on peer violence in High School “25 May” in Tuzi, 11 March, 2016

Presentation of the policy study “Youth participation – more than a catchword?”, Podgorica, 23 July 2014

Training “Youth Participation – More Than a Catchword?”, Belgrade, Serbia, 30 May – 8 June, 2014