The responsible must be punished

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) addressed today the presidents of the parliamentary clubs and leadership of the Parliament of Montenegro with a request to initiate appropriate measures and actions, within their term of office, in order to determine the responsibility of executive authorities on the situation in the Cetinje Gymnasium… The responsible must be punished… »

Courts are breaking the law

Center for Civic Education (CCE) notes with regret that the campaign against Ibrahim Čikić continues through the court, while the competent investigating authorities have not announced that there are conducting an investigation concerning the allegations of Mr Čikić and others from the SDA group, who during the nineties survived the torture, which Čikić dared to… »

Democracy does not live here

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), on the occasion of 15 September, the International Day of Democracy, encourages all citizens of Montenegro to use their constitutionally and legally guaranteed rights to the greater extent… Democracy does not live here – (pdf)

The education system under control of the party

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) is following up, with full attention, the protests of the pupils of Cetinje Gymnasium, as well as the acting of all educational structures and the Government of Montenegro in this particular case… The education system under control of the party – (pdf)

Advertisement for participants of IX generation of European Integration School

Centre for Civic Education, Centre for development of non-governmental organisations and European movement in Montenegro with the support of Foundation Open Society Institute- Office in Montenegro, are publicizing an ADVERTISEMENT for participants of the IX generation of the SCHOOL OF EUROPEAN INTEGRATION School of European Integrations is composed of 9 modules totally lasting four months,… »

Advertisement for participants of VII Young Leadership School

Centre for Civic Education publicizes an ADVERTISEMENT for VII generation of YOUNG LEADERSHIP SCHOOL The school will be lasting three months. The courses will be held once a week for 2 hours. All related expenses are covered by the CCE, with obligation of the participant to attend not less than 80% of the programme.

Advertisement for participants of XIV generation of Democracy School

CCE and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung publicise AN ADVERTISEMENT for participants of XIV generation of DEMOCRACY SCHOOL School comprises 5 modules lasting totally four months. The courses will be held once or twice a week for 2 hours. All expenses are covered by the foundation Friedrich Ebert and Centre for Civic Education, with obligation of the… »

The church respects human rights

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) welcomes the position of the Montenegrin-coastal Metropolitan of the Serbian Orthodox Church, which provides equal opportunities to transgender persons who are believers… The church respects human rights – (pdf)