Peace Education Programme

Socrates said, “Know thyself”. The wise man could have chosen to say anything and we would have still repeated his words over the centuries. Why on earth did he think it so important to know oneself? We prefer to know about other people and our friends, don’t we? We devour celebrity scandal. We sit glued to TV chat shows and reality shows. We would rather make a study of all the juicy details about our friends’ lives, romances, family strifes and joys, work and misfortunes than take a closer look at ourselves.

The reality is that all these other people and our friends too will come and go throughout our lives, but there is one friend who will be with us to the very last breath. This friend we know very little about. This friend is me. Isn’t it time to get to know my very best, best friend?

“What could possibly be interesting about me?”, you may ask cynically. “Poor, uninteresting, little old me!” So much – you have no idea! Or maybe you are someone who says, ”Pah, I know myself very well, thank you. What new is there to learn about me?” Or maybe you are someone who says under your breath, “If I look behind the carefully-constructed mask I have made to protect myself from the judgement of others, what will I find out about myself…probably horrible things.”

The Peace Education Programme (PEP) is a course of ten weekly, hour-long workshops offered at the Centre for Civic Education. Its objective is to re-introduce you to you. What you will discover and remember about yourself is all positive and empowering.

The workshops are fun, varied and stimulating. The course material is based on a selection of core themes from the public addresses of international speaker, Prem Rawat – a world-renowned expert in this field. He has spoken at the European Parliament, Australian Parliament, Italian Senate, UN and universities like Harvard, Berkley and Oxford, and has an award-winning TV series broadcast in many countries worldwide. The purpose of the PEP is to help participants explore the possibility of personal peace and discover their innate inner resources – tools for living such as inner strength, choice, appreciation and hope. Each workshop includes several videos, time for reflection and accompanying reading material.

The workshops are facilitated by PEP manager for Montenegro, Caroline Jovicevic. She and her husband Janko are well-known active civilians, volunteers and philanthropists in Montenegro who have been active for ten years in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development in the Karuc lagoon, National Park Skadar Lake. The PEP is where this dynamic couple are putting their attention nowadays.

The fifth PEP at CCE is already under way. Like the previous four, the response for PEP 5 has been phenomenal and the room is full to capacity. Indeed there is a list of interested people who are waiting to register for PEP 6 in February 2016, for which the public call will be soon opened.

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