Accountability and Transparency of Authorities

One of the basic methods for establishment of a democratic government is to develop a system of accountability through transparent decision-making and task implementation. In Montenegro, unfortunately, the necessary functionality of democracy does not exist yet, and one of the key reasons is the still unnecessary closeness of state authorities. Therefore, the civil society organizations, through various project activities, seek to contribute to the building of trust between civil sector and state authorities, as well as to the climate in which the constructive criticism will be understood and accepted as a public interest.


The objective of the CCE is to contribute to improvement of political and legal framework in the area of transparency and accountability of public sector and establishment of the integrity system within the public authorities. This entails education of citizens on the concept of responsible behavior, promotion of concept of civic responsibility and accountability of decision makers to the public and citizens, monitoring of the manner of public funds expenditure, advocating for effective mechanisms of control over fulfillment of these principles, fight against corruption and monitoring of existing practices.

Within this sub-programme, CCE has, independently or with partners, implemented or is implementing numerous projects and initiatives in the following areas:
Initiatives concerning the issues of accountability and transparency of authorities
Investments into fight against corruption and organized crime
Corruption at the local level – zero tolerance!
Think Locally – Act Locally! – Fight against Corruption at the Local Level
Let’s put corruption into museum!
Monitoring of proceedings of corruption cases
Open Ideas
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