Equal opportunities

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights

We all agree that tolerance is positive and necessary. However, the problems become visible when it needs to be instituonalized and set as the basis of our everyday life and a condition for our progress. At the same time, we should have in mind the so called active tolerance, which does not include suffering on which John Locke talked about, but it represents a new quality based on building of trust. That is tolerance, as a cultural value and a high ethical model of human behavior that should shape modern society, but at the same time ensure equal opportunities to all citizens.

The goal of this sub-programme is to contribute to development of political and legal framework for identification, understanding, appreciating and respecting diversities of all citizens.

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As a contribution to achievement of that goal, CCE has been implementing and still implements number of projects and initiatives, individually or with partners, in the following areas:
– Anti-Discrimination Policies and Practices
– Gender Equality
– Rights of LGBT persons
– Respect for Human Rights in Closed Institutions in Montenegro
Civil Society Networking on Critical Values of Human Rights in Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo

Fast Forward Human Rights!
360° Full Circle for Human Rights
Safety net
– Legislative Initiatives