Since its establishment, the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) has been promoting publishing activities. Thus, the numerous ideas, initiatives, findings, recommendations to which the CCE came through the implementation of its project activities, have been made available to the interested public. Simultaneously, CCE has translated and published several publications in the areas of its work, backed by prominent individuals or institutions from abroad.

Necessity of expansion of civic education, civic freedoms, civic consciousness, as well as conscience and the spirit of democratic societies demands a dedicated attitude towards publishing activities.

Publishing is a rather demanding and highly responsible job. It is a channel through which ideas, turned into civic action, reach the audience, both male and female citizen. They spread. They provoke. In this manner, the process of required social interaction is encouraged. Publishing activity of the CCE is also a contra-activity towards those who propagate the inhumanity, censorship of consciousness and conscience, those who do not accept the otherness and do not like dealing with an unknown and unwanted, and also are slaves to prejudice. Publishing of the CCE promotes an open society, understanding and acceptance of diversity, humanity as the only chance of progress, the dialogue, the need for continuous formal and non-formal education.

Finally, publishing is a privilege and a testimony. Privilege, as a direct link with the future, and the testimony of civil courage of responsible citizens’ group who have fought with a series of social stereotypes and anomalies.

The CCE has for the past fourteen years had a rich publishing activity, during which some books such as “Democracy”, by professor Radovan Radonjić, PhD have attained three editions. Through the selection of texts and topics, one can monitor the work of the CCE and the values ​​for which the CCE stands for, as well as putting into focus of numerous issues of importance for democratization of Montenegrin society.

Complete publications divided within the CCE programme – Democratisation and Europeanisation, Human Rights, Active Citizenship – can be downloaded from our website.