Human Rights and Minority Rights School

Second generation of the School for Human Rights and Minority Rights


Second generation of the School for Human Rights and Minority Rights, organised by the Centre for Civic Education with support of the Council of Europe, through the Confidence Building Measures Programme has successfuly completed its work. Final diploma ceremony will take place on Friday, 24 June 2005, at 11h, within the Centre for Civic Education premises (Njegoševa 36/I).

Beside the representatives of the Centre for Civic Education, Mr Sabahudin Delić, Deputy Minister for protection of rights of national and ethnic groups will address the public.

The aim of the project is to raise public awareness to human and minority rights, promote Council of Europe instruments and values and foster harmonious intercultural relations.

During 4 months of intensive work (from March until June 2005), 29 participants successfully completed the School. These were members of the parliament, representatives of republican and local authorities, members of political parties, non-governmental organisations, media professionals, lawyers, students, etc. The moderator of the School was Mr Aleksandar Saša Zeković, researcher of violation of human rights in Montenegro. Within 40 lectures and workshops that were held, prominent domestic and foreign lecturers, university professors, judges, lawyers, politicians, representatives of NGO sector and journalists were guests of the School.

The School is organized through the number of workshops, in which apart from theoretical presentations, most time is dedicated to interactive work. Participants have, within 4 modules, gained wide scope of knowledge on:

• Concept on Human rights and Minority rights
• International documents from this field
• International instruments of human rights protection
• Human rights and related issues

Through this, principle of comparative analyses has been promoted, taking into the account the experiences of human rights and minority rights implementation in Montenegro and other countries in Europe and world.