Study visit to the EU

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), Centre for Development of non-governmental organisations (CDNGO) and European Movement in Montenegro (EMiM) with the support of Royal Norwegian Embassy in Serbia and Montenegro, are publicizing an ADVERTISEMENT for the participation at the


The study visit is a part of the programme „Learn about the EU personnally“, and it includes visit a few days visit to Brussels as the headquarter of the main EU institutions. During that period, programme participants will be able to visit main institutions of the EU and familiarise themselves with the organisation, functioning and desicision making process within these institutions, as well as of EU in general, through contacts with the institutions’ representatives.

The goal of this programme is to offer the citizens of Montenegro, who have already gained certain knowledge about European integration process, to improve their skills through practical experience and establish important contacts for their future work and personal development.

The right to participate is open to all candidates whose priority is to develop already acquired knowledge in above-mentioned fields and to contribute to the affirmation of ideas, meaning and standards of European integrations in Montenegro. All candidates are welcome regardless of their age, gender, nationality, religion or personal believes, although priority will be given the candidates demonstrating high level of social activism in governmental, non-governmental, party, trade-union, commercial, scientific, cultural, media and student framework.

All expenses for the study visit are covered by Royal Norwegian Embassy in SM, CCE, EMiM and CDNGO.

Application with short CV and motivation letter should be sent not later than 11 May 2006, to: cgo@cg.yu