The quality of education must be a priority

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), reflecting to the reaction of the Seminary Rector, Mr Gojko Perović, again reminds that neglecting of historical facts, deprives the pupils the opportunity to adequately review the history of their country and on this basis make their own judgment on the moves of people and society from this period. The… »

Facts can’t be hidden

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) is committed for Montenegro as a state based on democratic principles in which one of the main characteristics of its civil society will be multi-ethnicity and multiculturalism. The prerequisite for the creation of such a society is also scientific treatment of historical facts, unconditioned of how good or bad these… »

A cycle of lectures on Jacques Lacan

In the framework of the new educational programme „Contemporary tendencies of critical thought“ CCE organises A cycle of lectures on Jacques Lacan one of intellectual icons of the 20th century, psychoanalyst, psychiatrist and philosopher. Moderator of the seminar will be Filip Kovačević, PhD Lectures and discussions will take place in the CCE premises, every Thursday… »

If you don’t have the knowledge, titles are worthless

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) intensively works through numerous projects and other means of action on raising awareness about importance of fight against corruption in education. Its presence in this field should be a reason of serious concern of the authorities since the inadequate educational base limits the possibilities of development of Montenegrin society… If… »

Man Star

Freedom, human dignity, civic courage and political responsibility are inseparable in democratic societies. Their absence is the measure of how far we still stand from Europe, as much as of our own commitment to and fight for these values is a sight of our true European nature. To borrow an expression from the European Commission:… »