Advertisement for participants of XX generation of Democracy School

CCE and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung publicise AN ADVERTISEMENT for participants of XX generation of DEMOCRACY SCHOOL – school for learning democracy from theory to practice – School comprises 5 modules lasting totally four months. The courses will be held once or twice a week for two hours. All expenses are covered by the foundation Friedrich… »

Open call for volonteers

You are young and you want to … Learn does how one of the most successful NGOs in Montenegro work Help us with your ideas and creativity Experience the beauty of volunteering Develop your confidence and your skills Gain new friends, get acquinted with other countries and different cultures Learn what teamwork means Assist within… »

Elections in Montenegrin way

The Government will fall when everyone in Montenegro understands that regardless of the number of lists the opposition runs on they are all united in the purpose of deposing this government, and that the political condition for this is unlimited… Elections in Montenegrin way – (pdf)