Open competition for enrollment in the integrity association of students of the UoM

For the purpose of implementation of the project “Students Ethics Initiative”, supported by the Open Society Foundation from Budapest, NGO Center for Monitoring CEMI, in cooperation with the NGO Centre for Civic Education CCE announces an


The “Student Ethics Initiative” aims to contribute to the reduction of forms of academic fraud at the University of Montenegro. The project involves the implementation of variety of activities, such as: detailed research on forms and frequency of academic fraud in Montenegrin faculties, formulating and advocating measures for the prevention and reduction of academic fraud, engaging students in the process of combating corruption through the creation of the Association of integrity at the University of Montenegro, as well as a campaign for raising awareness of students about the concept of academic fraud and its harmful effects.

Association of integrity represents an informal group of students, highly motivated to plan and coordinate future efforts to combat forms of academic fraud and corruption in higher education institutions. Members of the Association of integrity will, for 4 months, be involved in determining the degree and form of academic fraud at the University of Montenegro, where the results will be based on quantitative and qualitative studies including all academic unites of the University of Montenegro, and consolidated within a Policy-brief and a Plan for raising public awareness.

Association of integrity will enumerate eight members: two student representatives from University Centers: Podgorica, Nikšić, Bijelo Polje and Kotor. Four-month engagement on a project fee includes allowance for all members of the Association.

We hereby invite interested students to, up to 10th October 2012, apply for a membership in the Association for the students integrity, and to contribute with their work to the fight against
corruption in preparing the way for similar future projects.

Applications with CV should be sent to Email: no later than the 10 October, 2012.