For the sixth time CCE is hosting american participants of the Marshall Memorial Fellowship programme in Montenegro

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) hosted the participants of this year’s American Marshall Memorial Fellowship programme during their stay in Montenegro from 28 June to 3 July 2013.

Marshall Memorial Fellowship, established in 1982 by the German Marshall Fund in the US, with the aim to present the emerging generation of European leaders in the United States of America. The programme focuses on the exchange of ideas and best practices between the US and Europe. Marshall Memorial Fellowship provides a unique opportunity for new leaders from the US and Europe for policy research, business innovation and learning about cultures on the other side of the Atlantic. Participants of the programme meet formally and informally with a number of politicians, financial and legal decision-makers and prominent members of the society from various spheres. The programme operates in the US and 39 European countries, as one of the most prestigious leadership programmes connecting over 3000 leaders across the globe.

During their stay in Montenegro, representatives of this significant american programme had the opportunity to get to know various aspects of Montenegrin reality through the travels within the country and meetings with various decision makers from politics, business, NGO sector and media.

Visits of American Marshall Memorial Fellowship to Montenegro became a tradition at the initiative of the CCE, which hosted the first group in 2008, and now CCE in this manner developes cooperation with the most renowned organizations from around the world and expands the circle of those who are familiarised with Montenegro directly, and which in the future, in different ways can contribute to the development of Montenegro.

Delegation of the American Marshall Memorial Fellowship was consisted of:
• Donald Brooks, UniServe Coordinator of Tennessee Education Association;
• Derek Chen, Director of Foreign Operations in North Carolina Department of Commerce;
• Sol Flores, Executive Director of La Casa Norte from Chicago;
• Charles Knutson, Senior Policy Advisor Officer of the Governor of Washington and Senior Vice president of Policy and external relations at the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce;
• Anna Sifford, teacher in High School Uplift Education in Dallas;
• Marlowe Stoudamire, Project Director of Strategic Business Development Henry Ford Health System in Detroit.

Damir Nikočević, Programme Associate/PR