Before the end of the game, new rules

The Centre for Civic Education (CCE) has been addressed by significant number of students from the University of Montenegro (UoM) who are outraged by the decision of the Senate of UoM which establishes that the enrollment to specialist studies is allowed with the possibility of transferring only one exam from the basic studies, assessing that this is forcing the students of the UoM to enroll the private universities.

CCE supports the decisions of UoM and its bodies that would lead to stricter criteria, but only when these are the real reasons lying below. However, if this limitation is aimed at filling the university cashbox with money from students for renewal of academic years, this decision comes as devastating for both sides. Moreover, tightened criteria that would narrow the rights of students cannot be decided at the end of the academic year, i.e. in June, when students are not able to act in any way to change their situation. In the light of this, the decision appears as a blackmail and demonstration of power.

Regardless a petition signed by thousands of students, the UoM remained on its position, but it allowed students to take 3 exams during the examination period in August. The concern is whether students in the last 10 days of the examination period will be able to take and pass three exams, taking into account that the previous intermediate parts of the exams carried out during the summer and winter semester won’t be valid.

Indeed, large is the number of students that during the academic year passed 2/3 of the exams with high grades, which however won’t be recognized in August, so that they will have to take the exam again in its entirety.

Had the University of Montenegro taken such a decision in September, at the beginning of the academic year, this would have been completely legitimate; but it cannot be now, at the end of the academic year, when students already finished the exams and have not been aware of what was awaiting them.

Indeed, if such decision is not changed, students that have not passed yet the last two exams from their basic studies (BA) portfolio will not be able to enroll to the specialist studies – fourth year, and, therefore, instead of a year, their study will last for additional two years.

According to the findings of the CCE, on the basis of communication with the students who are facing this problem, many of them would prefer to transfer their documents and enroll to private faculties (in case such faculties do exist) rather than to extend their education for two years. In order for the UoM to keep its own students, the CCE urges UoM to reconsider its decision on the number of exams that can be transmitted to the fourth year.

Snežana Kaluđerović, programme coordinator