To clarify the fate of all missing persons

In respect to the International Day of the Disappeared, commemorated on the 30 August, Centre for Civic Education (CCE) reminds that the states and societies of the post-Yugoslav countries have to constantly and dedicatedly work on clarifying the fate of all who died during the wars of the nineties.

It is legal, but also human, obligation to find as much as possible information about the graves and places of suffering in the territory of each country. Unfortunately, nowadays, two decades from civil wars happened in the region, we continue to talk about the thousands of missing persons in this area.

According to the data from the International Committee of the Red Cross 34,886 persons disappeared during the period 1991-2001. Remains of 11,859 persons are still to be found, of which 10, 190 are persons whose destiny is still unknown, and for 1,669 persons there are information about the suffering, but their mortal remains have not been found yet.

In Montenegro, there are 61 missing person, although associations of families of victims, as well as organizations that are dedicated to the process of transitional justice are continuously working on finding new information and clues that would lead to resolving of all opened cases.

CCE warns that we must not forget the pain of the families who are still searching for their beloved ones, because regardless the years that undergo their suffering will not disappear, so, as individuals but society in general as well, we owe them full support, assistance and solidarity.

Mirela Rebronja
Programme Coordinator