Corruption on local level – zero tolerance!

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), Institute Alternative (IA),
NGO Bonum and NGO NADA
invited you at the panel discussion within the project

Corruption on local level – zero tolerance!

Panel discussion:

Public-private partnerships at the local level

Thursday, 28 November 2013, 12:00-13:30
Academy of knowledge, Budva


Miodrag Marković, Head of the Office for fight against corruption
Jovana Marović, Research coordinator in the Institute Alternative (IA)
Boris Marić, Senior Legal Adviser in the Centre for Civic Education (CCE)

Possible planning and assessment of value of the PPP and implementation of PPP in line with the development plans of the municipality, Cvetko Pajković, Secretary for Investments
Establishment of the efficient organisations – service for planning, monitoring and control of the implementation of the PPP at the local level, Mihajlo Đurović, Secretary for economy and finance


Panel discussion is open for all interested citizens.


The project is financed by the European Union through IPA 2011, and co-financed by the Royal Norwegian Embassy