Professors to sign a statement that they have full time contract only with the UoM

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) has submitted an Initiative to the Rector of the University of Montenegro (UoM), as the person who manages the work at the UoM, to ask the employees at the UoM to declare in writing and submit a signed Declaration, which under financial and criminal responsibility states that they are not in a working relationship under a contract of employment in any other workplace, except at the UoM, regardless of whether it is about Montenegro or abroad.

CCE has submitted this Initiative in line with the correspondence and Requests for free access to information that were previously forwarded to the UoM. These letters and requests are related to the problem of existence of dual working relationships and knowledge that a number of professors at the UoM was working and works full-time, under a contract of employment, with all the benefits that this status carries even though they have the same status elsewhere in Montenegro or outside Montenegro.

The UoM has recently made a decision to finally break with the practice of employing under contract of employment “those employed professors who already have permanent employment at another institution, and that the same will not being concluded anymore until professors decide in which institution they want to have a permanent employment “, as publicly stated Rector Predrag Miranović.

CCE estimates that for the sake of efficiency and constructive contribution to the determination of the actual state of things – whether someone from employees really still has the dual employment or not – this initiative is justified and grounded. Furthermore, we believe that the Rector will understand it as our attempt to assist in the further systematic problem solving to which we are pointing at for years.

The CCE expects that the UoM will urgently act upon this initiative and inform the interested public about the action taken, especially given the new approach to this problem of the UoM management, which was announced and which the CCE welcomes, as it is entirely corresponding to the efforts that the CCE for a long time makes in trying to raise the awareness about the need for responsible management of the UoM.

Snežana Kaluđerović, Programme Coordinator