Politics of impunity towards bullies only encourages violence

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) strongly condemns last night’s attack on the activist of the NGO LGBT Forum Progress in Podgorica and calls upon institutions to urgently bring to justice the culprits of this attack and in accordance with the law adequately penalize them.

Politics of impunity of numerous attacks on LGBT persons in the previous period, especially after and during the pride parades, contributes to the creation of the atmosphere that encourages escalation of violence against members of LGBT community and its activists.

Therefore it’s about time for the state institutions, but primarily Prosecution, to understand the gravity of the situation and with effective prosecution of the perpetrators of these attacks put a stop on the chain of violence, discrimination and hate speech to which are almost daily exposed the members of LGBT population. State authorities must respect the Constitution and laws, and prevent or punish any form of violence and discrimination, including discrimination based on sexual orientation, when it occurs.

Violence and hate crimes committed towards LGBT persons to which state institutions do not respond adequately leads to their further marginalization and diminishing of the efforts of all those who are committed to respect of human rights and establishment of the rule of law.

It shows lack of seriousness that the state whose officials constantly emphasize that Montenegro is a success story, when it comes to EU and NATO accession, is not able to provide basic security and guarantee to citizens and activists who fight for human rights and to enjoy that same rights without fear of violence and discrimination.

CCE stands for freedom and equality of all people and communities in Montenegro and in this regard calls on state institutions, primarily the prosecution and courts, as well as educational institutions, media and public to promote with their actions respect of human rights and tolerance and so contribute to building of the functioning democracy in Montenegro.

Petar Đukanović, programme coordinator