Participants of the XXIV generation of Democracy School were awarded with diplomas

Tonight, participants of the XXIV generation of Democracy School, organized by the CCE with the support of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, were awarded with diplomas in Podgorica. Participants that successfully completed the programme were awarded by Daliborka Uljarević, executive director of the CCE and professor Radovan Radonjić, PhD, manager of the School.

The goal of the School is to contribute to raising the general level of democratic culture in Montenegro, through education and informing of participants about democracy, its values and ways of achievement.


The School is consisted of 5 modules in total duration of four months, and within its programme theoretical knowledge is being provided, comparative practice is being presented and skills and the art of implementing democratic principles in everyday life are obtained, especially in political sphere.

Thirty-two participants from Montenegro completed the XXIV generation of School of Democracy, mostly representatives of political parties, media, NGOs, students and other. Within this programme, they had the opportunity to attend the lectures of prominent domestic and foreign professors, representatives of the NGO sector, journalists, Government, Parliament, independent institutions, diplomatic core and etc. The diplomas were awarded to: Aleksa Prelević, Aleksandra Pavićević, Alma Karađuzović, Ana Rašović, Anđela Nenadić, Balša Vujošević, Daria Filipović, Darko Mrvaljević, Darko Smolović, Dejan Mitrović, Dijana Delić, Filip Kruščić, Haris Sijarić, Ivana Đoković, Jelena Šćepanović, Kristina Dedić, Maja Todorović, Marija Filipović, Marija Perović, Marija Tomović, Mevludin Dizdarević, Milica Vukčević, Mirjana Đurković, Nataša Jovanović, Nikola Boljević, Nikola Stijepović, Stefan Boljević, Stevan Krivokapić, Vladana Raičković, Vlado Laličić, Vuk Vujisić and Zorica Šarčević.

Continued interest that this programme has from its foundation, as well as the fact that this is its XXIV successful generation, encourages and shows that people of different generations are out there and are willing to be socially engaged and are active participants of current processes, but also to work on personal development of capacities. This programme was established in 2003, and until nowadays it was successfully completed by 659 citizens of Montenegro. New generation is set to start from January 2015.

Svetlana Pešić, programme associate