Ambassador Pejović was a guest of the European Café

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), with the support of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, today has begun the realization of the European Café project, within which framework the State secretary for European integration and Chief negotiator ambassador Aleksandar Andrija Pejović spoke with the representatives of civil society about the accession process of Montenegro into EU.

In an informal ambient, within main topic, “The role and significance of the NGOs in the process of accession in the EU”, they discussed the results achieved in 2014 and challenges in 2015; results, possibilities and limitations of the NGOs in working groups for the preparation of negotiations; as well as about possibilities of co-financing of NGO projects contracted through the EU programmes.

Executive director of the CCE Daliborka Uljarević pointed out that the project “European Café” aims for informal gathering, socializing and debates of civil sector representatives with decision makers from Montenegro, EU and member states on the accession process and announced that through this form they will further strengthen the dialogue about the process of European integration of Montenegro.

Ambassador Pejović welcomed the organization of the “European Café” as a platform for quality exchange of opinions, raising the issues of importance for the accession process of Montenegro into EU and finding mutual answers and solutions to potential challenges on the European path. Chief negotiator reflected on the results achieved during 2014, with the emphasis on the opening of negotiations regarding nine chapters, as well as of the work within chapters 23 and 24, implemented legislative reforms and revision of action plans. When it comes to cooperation with civil society, Chief negotiator stressed the importance of their involvement and the contribution they provide to negotiation structure with knowledge and expertise that their representatives possess. He also pointed out the significance of civil society representatives participation in the work of Joint Consultative Committee between Montenegro and the European Economic and Social Committee. Ambassador Pejović greeted proactive acting of the NGO representatives in all bodies, emphasizing that it contributes to comprehension of process from various aspects, and in that way, to the achievement of more quality results.

In view of programming and implementation of projects from the EU resources available to Montenegro from IPA funds, Chief negotiator informed participants about the possibilities of participation in the programmes that will be available to Montenegro in the period 2014-2020. For the purpose of intensifying further cooperation with civil society organizations and their involvement into future IPA processes of programming, ambassador Pejović called on all present to apply for a public call for the involvement of civil society representatives in the process of programming IPA 2014-2020, announced by the MFAEI.