To introduce order in process of employment and additional arrangements of the employees of the UoM

Today, Centre for Civic Education (CCE) submitted a list to rector of University of Montenegro (UoM), which contains 16 professors from different UoM units, who teach on other university units according to information that CCE gathered, or who have other forms of arrangements, for which they did not receive the approval of UoM Senate. Additionally, number of cases involves multiyear double working relations, which is illegal.

CCE estimates that UoM, as the oldest academic institution in Montenegro, has to be a role model in many ways to many different subjects, especially when it comes to consistent respect of law and acts of UoM by its every employee. Unfortunately, neither the ones employed on UoM do not contribute which, in addition to numerous irregularities which CCE pointed out and which it will continue to point out, is illustrated by the fact that a number of professors on UOM is in double working relations which is logically and legally unsustainable, and not that small number of professors has various arrangements without the knowledge of the employer (in this case of UoM) and which are incompatible with the arrangements at UoM.

In that context, CCE submitted information on the arrangements of following UoM professors outside UOM and without the permission of Senate of UoM: Slavica Perović, Marija Knežević, Drago Perović, Nikola Mijanović, Igor Lakić, Lazar Pejović, Aleksandar Čilikov, Anđelko Lojpur, Zdravko Krivokapić, Dragana Čukić, Ranko Popović, Dragan Koprivica, Ana Pejanović, Natalija Brajković, Vladimir Kašćelan and Miomir Jovanović.

Out of the total number of these professors, greatest number of arrangements outside UOM and without the approval of Senate is from Faculty of Philosophy (6), then 3 from Institute of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Economy and Biotechnical Faculty and 1 from Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Those faculties primarily have additional, yet unapproved, arrangements on University in Eastern Sarajevo (8), then on Faculty for Legal and Business studies in Novi Sad, State University in Novi Pazar, University of Mediterranean, University in Banja Luka, University “Džemal Bijedić” in Mostar, University in Niš and Pan-European University Apeiron in Banja Luka, and one number has unclear arrangements within other legal entities in Montenegro.

CCE previously submitted documentation for Srđan Vukadinović, Boris Brajović and Rešad Hodžić, and part of that documentation was involved in criminal complaint based on which Basic State Prosecution in Podgorica has been acting for quite some time now.

CCE urges the management of UoM to act in accordance with these allegations as soon as possible, and hopes that measures and actions undertaken by UoM rector Radmila Vojvodić, in order to prevent the practice of double working relations and unauthorised arrangements of UoM employees, will result in specific and measurable results.

Daliborka Uljarević, executive director