Zdravko Krivokapić has the additional arrangement in line with the approval of Senate

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) yesterday published press release titled To introduce order in process of employment and additional arrangements of the employees at the UoM”, whereby it stated the name of professor Zdravko Krivokapić by mistake, on the list of 16 new names of professors from University of Montenegro who teach on other university units as well, or who have other forms of arrangement for which they did not receive the approval from Senate of UOM.

Namely, professor Zdravko Krivokapić, who is a regular professor at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at University of Montenegro, has an additional arrangement at University in Eastern Sarajevo, but he falls under the category of 17 professors who received the approval of Senate in accordance with the Statute of University of Montenegro regarding the arrangement on other higher education institutions during 2014/2015 studying year.

CCE would like to use the opportunity to apologise in this manner as well for the omission made in relation to professor Krivokapić, created during the processing of comprehensive documentation as well as to emphasise that it was not the intention of CCE to harm anyone personally at UoM, but precisely by pointing out to identified irregularities, to contribute to improvement of status and credibility of UoM as an institution, and thus to status of students and employees.

Daliborka Uljarević, executive director