CCE hosted participants of prestigious Marshall Memorial Fellowship programme

Once again, Centre for Civic Education (CCE), hosted this years participants of prestigious American Marshall Memorial Fellowship (AMMF) programme during their stay in Montenegro from 27 April till 1 May 2015.

Marshall Memorial Fellowship was founded in 1982 by US German Marshall Fund, with the purpose of presenting new generations of European leaders in the United States, as well as young American leaders in Europe. Programme focuses on the exchange of ideas and best practices between USA and Europe, providing an unique opportunity to new leaders from USA and Europe thereby, based on which they could research policies, business innovations and familiarise themselves with cultures acroess the Atlantic. Programme participants meet formally and informally with series of politicians, decision-makers from different areas, as well as with other prominent individuals from states and cities they visit. Programme itself functions in the USA and 39 countries of Europe, as one of the most prestigious leadership programmes which connects over 3000 leaders world-wide, and Montenegro became part of the programme in 2007, when Daliborka Uljarević, executive director of CCE, attended it as first participant from Montenegro.

During their stay in Montenegro, programme participants had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with natural beauties of Montenegro by visiting its various parts, then with history and culture, as well as with current state of affairs in the area of political and economic relations, with emphasis on Euro-Atlantic integrations and rule of law. In that context, they met with various decision-makers, including: Ranko Krivokapić, president of the Parliament of Montenegro; Igor Lukšić, PhD, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of foreign affairs; Aleksandar Damjanović, president of Committee for finances, budget and economy; Aleksandar Andrija Pejović, Chief negotiator of Montenegro with the EU and State secretary for European integration; Vesko Garčević, National coordinator for the NATO accession; Genci Nimanbegu, President of Albanian Council and MP of FORCA in the Parliament of Montenegro; and Dritan Abazović, Vice-president of “URA” and independent MP in the Parliament of Montenegro. In addition, they met with high officials from the US Embassy in Montenegro, Montenegrin businessmen. Special meeting was organised with journalists of TV Vijesti and RTCG, and NGOs from the area of rule of law (Institute Alternative, CEMI, CDNGOs and CCE). Within their individual meetings they spoke with representatives of Montenegrin Chamber of Commerce, American Chamber of Commerce in Montenegro, UNDP, IOM, MAPSS, Council of RTCG, Union of free syndicates of Montenegro, Queer Montenegro, Liberal party, and etc.

CCE was the initiator of visits of participants of American Marshall Memorial Fellowship programme, and back in 2008 it hosted first group of participants of American Marshall Memorial Fellowship, and since then it became a tradition based on best impressions of participants. In this manner, CCE aims to develop cooperation with most prestigious organisations from all over the world and to actively participate in promotion of Montenegro amongst world leaders for the purpose of contributing to democratisation of country as well as to further development of Euro-Atlantic integrations.

Delegation of American Marshall Memorial Fellowship for 2015 consisted of:

Carrie Rosenfelt, Vice President Community Development, Huntington National Bank, Cleveland, Ohio;
Celena Roldan-Moreno, Executive Director of Erie Neighborhood House, Chicago, Illinois;
Cristina Aguliar, Executive Director of Colorado Organisation for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR), Denver, Colorado;
Mario Guerrero, Legislative director at SEUI Local 1000, Sacramento, California;
Neal Carlson, Director of of Private Banking at Credit Suisse, Houston, Texas;
Rickey Bevington, News Editor of Georgia Public Broadcasting, Georgia, Atlanta;
Sean Mann, Lobbyist and State Government Affairs Specialist at Michigan Legislative Consultants, Michigan, Detroit.

Nikola Djonović, programme coordinator