Information for the interested candidates – PEP

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), due to unprecedented demand for PEP, informs interested candidates that there is a waiting list of 185 people for this very popular course. In order to respond to this in a manner that demonstrates respect for all already-registered participants who are on the waiting list, we will not open registration for PEP 7. Instead, the CCE coordinator, Tamara Milas will phone people on the waiting list until we have filled the 74 places available for PEP 7. The remainder will be on the waiting list for PEP 8 which will be held in October 2016.

If your name is already on the waiting list and you have changed your mind or are unsure about attending PEP 7 – which runs from 14 April to 16 June, 2016 – please inform CCE immediately so that your seat can be given to someone who definitely wants to attend. Please understand the situation and cooperate with us: every seat for PEP is in great demand. If you take a seat and do not use it or if you take a seat and then quit PEP after a few workshops, you are taking the opportunity from someone else who is waiting patiently and who is serious about successfully completing PEP.


Thank you for your interest in PEP. CCE, Jovicevici and the PEP team are committed to accommodating everyone who wishes to attend PEP. We appreciate your patience. Each participant is valued and you will be called just as soon as there is a place for you. In the meantime, be confident that PEP is worth the wait!

If you are interested in attending a PEP, don’t worry, you will get the chance. Send an email or SMS to PEP coordinator, Tamara Milas ( and ask to be added to the waiting list. Once the registered participants on the current waiting list have all been accommodated, you will be called and invited to register for the next PEP. The advantage of putting your name on the waiting list now is that we call people in the order that they ask to join the waiting list.