European and anti-fascist values must be fostered

On the occasion of May 9 – Europe Day and Victory Day, Centre for Civic Education (CCE) underlines that the development of Montenegrin society must be based on European and anti-fascist values.

European agreements prescribe that EU membership cannot be sought by any European country which respects common values. Montenegro is making technical progress on its path to EU, however we will be able to experience genuine progress once Montenegrin society starts fostering European and anti-fascist values such as freedom, peace, security, tolerance, solidarity, democracy, rule of law and the respect of human rights.

Montenegrin, not so distant past, must not be forgotten, and both Montenegrin authorities and society must face it as soon as possible, which includes the prosecution of criminals, justice for victims and the establishment of culture of remembrance. Also, it is necessary to use the formal education system to create the opportunity for children and young people to learn about the misdeeds of fascist ideology from the past, so that these crimes are not forgotten, or repeated. This is in line with the expectations of EU when it comes to Montenegro and its conflict prevention policy in terms of the efficient dealing with the past. Unfortunately, throughout Europe there are still concerning, though weak, manifestations of fascism and chauvinism which indicate on the importance of preserving the European and anti-fascist values.

Montenegro pretty much encompassed the legislative and institutional framework, which should contribute in the creation of an environment in which the European standards would be implemented. However, what is of concern is the great discrepancy between the proclaimed policy on one hand, and practice on other. This limits the inclusiveness in a society with otherwise modest human resources, but also furthers the differences and continues the discrimination of not that small number of citizens based on personal properties. Of course, decades of accumulated problems cannot be solved overnight. Hence, Montenegro requires a comprehensive, fact-substantiated social dialogue among the opponents, persistent, systematic, professional and organised work of different parts of society, especially of institutions of system, in order to secure a long-lasting peace, political stability and prosperity of every citizen. And European integration remain the most effective propellant of changes in Montenegro as well as a guarantee that we will be able to arrange the state in a manner in which every person is equal before the law.

By commemorating the Europe Day and Victory Day, CCE would like to use the opportunity to congratulate every person who works devotedly so that the European values could find their place in Montenegrin society, since it is often an unpopular and difficult endeavour which implies lot of personal efforts and sacrifices. Also, CCE urges the decision-makers to invest additional efforts in order to contribute to shaping of Montenegrin society into system of values instead of focusing on technical reforms, and thus replace the existing politically-trapped institutions with professional, functional and decisive ones, willing to establish functional rule of law.

Tamara Milaš, Programme associate