Advertisement for volunteer camp on Goli Otok – Landscape of remembrance

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) invites all interested citizens of volunteering spirit, age 18 to 99, to apply for volunteering camp “Landscape of remembrance”, intended for international volunteers, which will be held in Croatia, on Goli otok isle, during the period 17/06/2016 – 03/07/2016.

The volunteers will work on cleaning the fields and green sites of Goli otok: cleaning the hiking trails and roads (cutting off the unwanted plants hindering the passages, raking the pathways, removing the cut off/raked waste), cleaning the area around the demolished barracks, sorting and removal of natural and construction materials.

Apart from physical work, a series of workshops focused on dealing with the past and social engagement of arts will be organised for the volunteers. Volunteers will participate in a three-day summer school devoted to the exchange of experiences and information regarding the remembrance of political oppression during the period of socialist and communist regime. Study visits to historically significant locations (former prison Goli otok and former concentration camp Kampor) will be organszed for the volunteers and they will take part in several workshops and panel discussions about the local history, art and culture of remembrance.

The camp will also promote active engagement in local community and create an environment of intercultural learning and development of understanding between different cultures.

Camp is organised within the project “Faces of resistance and opposition to oppression in the 20th century in Europe”, conducted by Centre for dealing with the past DOCUMENTA from Zagreb, and Volunteering centre Zagreb is in charge of the organisation of camp. CCE is partner from Montenegro in this international project which was supported through the EU programme Europe for citizens.

Detailed information and application form for this camp can be found on website: