CCE continues donating books

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) today donated books from the area of democracy, civil society, human rights, active citizenship, corruption and public administration to Public institution Centre for culture Bijelo Polje, for the needs of National library Bijelo Polje.

Within its programme activities, the CCE has a developed publishing activity, through which it has published more than 100 titles so far. Assessing that some of these publications, as well as some other which CCE owns in its library in several copies, can be of interest to readers from Bijelo Polje, and with the expressed interest and openness of National Library Bijelo Polje, CCE donated 33 publications (56 copies) which CCE published independetly or with partners, as well as 50 other available publications (54 copies) from the areas covered by CCE programmes. Donation of 83 titles (in total 110 copies) presents the CCE wish to further strengthen the cooperation concerning other mutually interesting initiatives with this institution.

CGO dodjela knjiga biblioteci u BP

CCE has previously donated hundreds of different titles on several occasions to organisations and institutions across Montenegro. In the majority of cases, CCE’s publications are available at the site of CCE and in electronic version (

Svetlana Pešić, programme associate