Struggle for teaching assistants continues: 15 NGOs wrote to the Government again

After the initial appeal for permanent and sustainable resolution of the problem of engagement of teaching assistants in the education of children with special educational needs, a new letter with the same intent was sent to the Government by a group of NGOs for human rights on 29 September 2016, to the Prime Minister Milo Đukanović, Minister of Education Predrag Bošković and Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Boris Marić. The letter indicates that nothing was done meanwhile in terms of the permanent problem solution, but that in practice schools acted contrary to proposals of NGOs, which led to an unjustified differentiation between the children with special educational needs.

We ask you to take a closer look into the letter and help to remain this important issue in the focus of public attention and attract the attention of those who are responsible to secure those kids the right to free inclusive education.