59 participants successfully completed VIII cycle of PEP

VIII cycle of world renowned Peace Education Programme (PEP), finished after ten weeks of workshops in Centre for Civic Education (CCE). Out of 74 participants who had the opportunity to attend it, 59 successfully completed it by taking part in more than 80% of workshops.

PEP helps its participants to explore the possibility of personal peace and to discover their inner resources – tools for life such as inner strength, possibility of choice, gratitude and hope. Interactive workshops comprised of video footage with speeches of Prem Ravat, famous expert in this area, and every workshops included some time for contemplation and the accompanying reading material.


Programme participants best illustrate the programme. “This unusual multimedia programme motivated us to think about the essential aspects of ourselves as living beings, gave us the strength for personal development, helped us get rid of our personal fears and showed us how to “use the sword of clarity” to decapitate the “dragons” which disrupt our inner peace” was one of the comments of former participants which was recorded in the book of impressions.

New, or ninth cycle, of workshops within PEP begins on 2 February 2017, hence every interested participant is encouraged to submit his/her application to CCE via email info@cgo-cce.org and thus ensure a seat for themselves. CCE will publish the advertisement for PEP IX on its site, one month prior to its start, and promote it on social networks as well as in media.


CCE implements PEP within its educational programme “Contemporary tendencies in critical thought”, and the facilitator of workshops is the manager of PEP for Montenegro, Ms Caroline Jovićević.

Tamara Milaš, CCE programme associate