Ninth cycle of workshops within the Peace Education Programme

IX cycle of workshops within the world-renowned Peace Education Programme (PEP) has begun in Centre for Civic Education (CCE), with 74 participants who enrolled for attendance.

During first workshop, Caroline Jovićević, PEP manager for Montenegro, and Tamara Milaš, programme associate at the CCE, welcomed the participants and introduced them to the content and material which will be taught every Thursday throughout the course of next ten weeks. PEP aims to empower its participants to explore the possibilities of inner peace and discover their own resources.


PEP is one of the most popular education programmes implemented by the CCE, and there hasn’t been a decline in its interest since 2014, when it was first offered in Montenegro.

The quality and successfulness of PEP were recognised through the accreditation by the Bureau for Education Services, whereby PEP had found its place in school catalogue for 2015/2016.

Each workshop has its own theme, which reminds us of our inborn quality and practical tools for life – which we possess, but may have forgotten to use, such as: peace, gratitude, inner strength, self-consciousness, clarity, understanding, dignity, choice, hope and satisfaction. Workshops are multimedia and participants have the opportunity to watch various motivating video materials based on the excerpts of public speeches by world-renowned speaker on self-knowledge and personal peace, Prem Ravat. Apart from these footages, each workshop is comprised of reflection time and accompanying reading material.

CCE is implementing the Peace Education Programme within its edication programme “Contemporary tendencies of critical thought” and it is completely free of charge for every interested person.

Tamara Milaš, programme associate at the CCE