An appeal to the Members of Parliamet not to appoint Zoran Jelić as the member of Senate of State Audit Institution

Concerned over the developments related to the status of independent, supervisory institutions in Montenegro, with special emphasis on the state of affairs in the area of budgetary control, we address


not to appoint Zoran Jelić as the member of Senate of State Audit Institution

Zoran Jelić failed to do anything which would make him worthy of permanent position as member of Senate of key supervisory institution in Montenegro. However, he has done much which should have disqualified him from this appointment.

Apart from the fact that his name is synonymous for the “affair Recording” and misuse of public resources for political purposes, we remind that Jelić has violated the law for years by occupying simultaneously the position of MP and state official in the Employment Agency.

Crucial fact which should disqualify him from this appointment should be the negative opinion which State Audit Institution (SAI) issued with regards to work of Employment Agency in the moment when he managed that institution. We remind that during the parliamentary discussion on this report, then MP and director of Employment Agency, Zoran Jelić has debated over the findings of SAI and putting these into question, thereby misusing his position of MP.

The report of SAI on the audit of success, “The efficiency of use of resources of contribution for professional rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities”, published in October 2015, noted that resources of particular contribution are not used in an efficient manner, along with the fact the set of established measures was not implemented in order to achieve higher utilization of resources intended for professional rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare and Employment Agency, which was headed by Jelić during the foundation of Fund for professional rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities, from 2009, by the end of October 2012.

Along with all the problems which accompany the work of this institution, during the course of more than 10 years of its operation, SAI was able to fight for the position of an objective and independent institution, which findings are recognised, quoted and used by the representatives of every political party, regardless of their political affiliation.

Reports of SAI are also used by us, the below signed representatives of civil sector, as the unique example of institution in Montenegro which openly reports the misuses and violations of law, in order to strengthen the responsibility concerning the management of taxpayers’ money.

The appointment of Zoran Jelić to Senate of SAI would change the relation of us towards the work of SAI – it would constitute a blow to independence and integrity of supreme audit institution, and to its capacities to monitor the misuse, irrationalities and illegalities in the work of state administration in an objective and independent manner.

We urge the MPs to annul this process by refraining from vote in the plenum. We have been waiting for seven years to see the completion of Senate of SAI, hence the reasons of emergency cannot come before the goal of Senate to have a person who would enjoy public trust without the stains in terms of his/her integrity.

We urge the EU to keep a close eye on this case and publically state its opinion with regards to this appointment.

Stevo Muk, President of Managing Board, Institute Alternative (IA)
Vanja Ćalović, Executive Director, Network for Affirmation of non-governmental sector (MANS)
Ana Novaković, Executive Director, Centre for Development of non-governmental organisations (CRNVO)
Daliborka Uljarević, Executive Director, Centre for Civic Education (CCE)
Tea Gorjanc Prelević, Executive Director, Human Rights Action (HRA)
Marina Vujačić, Executive Director, Association of Youth with Disabilities (UMHCG)
Zlatko Vujović, President of Managing Board, Centre for Monitoring and Research (CEMI)