Through employment to inclusion

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) has employed eight persons with disabilities during April, within the framework of the project Through employment to inclusion. Their working engagement will last six months, and they will be placed in seven NGOs and one independent institution. Project is implemented with the support of Employment Agency.

More precisely, partners from civil society and institutions which will hire those persons with disabilities for six months are from three Montenegrin municipalities. Namely, SOS Hotline for women and children victims of violence and the Association of paraplegics from Nikšić are participating in this part of project activities, then there is the Association of parents of children and young people with special educational needs of Montenegro «Let’s grow together» from Danilovgrad. When it comes to Podgorica, those persons will work in NGO Juventas, Human Rights Action (HRA), Centre for investigative journalism (CIJ) and in CCE. In addition, the Ombudsman is involved in this part of project activities, where one person will be also have working engagement.

Project team made sure to place persons with disabilities in organisations that deal with wide array of topics from the area of human rights. In part related to structure, these persons are dominantly under the age of 50, whereby two persons are above the age of 50, and their academic background is diverse but they are gender balanced.

During the next stage of project, focus will be on the improvement of accessibility of one residential and business object and a campaign which aims to empower the employers and persons with disabilities to use the mechanisms of social and economic inclusion more actively.

Svetlana Pešić, programme associate