Successfully concluded work of IX cycle of Peace Education Programme

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) hosted the award of diplomas for the participants of Peace Education Programme. In total, 51 participant received the confirmation of attendance on PEP’s ninth cycle.

Same as before, PEP has enjoyed great level of interest, both by the citizens of Podgorica and other cities of Montenegro. It was marked by diverse and stimulating workshops with distinct materials which offered selection of key issues that were publically addressed in front of international audience by Prim Ravat, world renowned expert in that area. Each workshop consisted of several video footages, reflection time and accompanying reading material.

pep ix (1)1

Karolina Jovićević, workshop facilitator, who is also the PEP manager for Montenegro, along with her husband, has offered this programme to Montenegrin citizens and implemented it from 2014 with the CCE support. Thanks to them, over 500 participants from Montenegro have had the opportunity to take part in popular PEP free of charge. This includes also many teachers active in formal education system who have left their feedback on how they will incorporate what they have learned during PEP in their classrooms. These information could be useful both for the schools where they work and for the Education Bureau, which accredited this programme, and the information are available upon request.

PEP objective is to help participants to explore the possibility of inner peace and discover their inner assets – tools for life such as inner strength, possibility of choice, gratitude, hope as well as some other which people often neglect.

CCE implemented PEP within its education programme “Contemporary tendencies of critical thought”.

Tamara Milaš, CCE programme associate